Game Theory Podcast, Episode 1: Opening Night in the NBA

Welcome to the Game Theory Podcast.

This is the first episode of what I hope will be many. In the first episode, I discuss what this podcast will chat about, why I started it, and what this podcast plans to do. Oh, then I also brought on Danny Leroux of RealGM, Sporting News, and Warriors’ World, and we talked about the first two nights of NBA action, including some heavy discussion about the Nuggets’ win over the Rockets, rookies Emmanuel Mudiay and Jahlil Okafor, the New York basketball teams, and I say why I think the Pelicans are really putting themselves behind the eight-ball early.

Danny also recently wrote a terrific post on how important it is for NBA owners to spend money, where he used the Utah Jazz as his discussion point. You can read that here at Sporting News.

Hope you guys enjoy, and reach out to me with any feedback that you have early on.

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