Quick note on my future work

I am leaving CBS Sports.

That’s the first and most important thing to note. So if you’re looking for my name in the headlines stack or my analysis there, you can stop doing that. It will not be at CBS starting on July 1. I’ve made some incredible relationships during my tenure, and from that perspective, I’m disappointed to leave. However, I’m even more excited to see the challenges that lie ahead.

It’s always worth reflecting on the past, though, and my time at CBS was just a terrific period within my life. This is as amicable a split as there can be in this industry due to the experiences they allowed me to have while under their purview, and the relationships I’ve been able to forge within the company. To begin, Marcus Nelson is as terrific an editor as you’ll find covering college hoops and the NBA/NBA Draft. He works crazy hours, made my writing look far better than it is, and led the direction of our staff. I can’t emphasize enough how critical he is to the operation over there, and I enjoyed working with him immensely on a day-to-day basis.

My fellow college hoops writers over there also deserve so many thanks that it’s difficult to tangibly put into words. Simply working with and being in the constant presence of Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish has helped me grow so much within this industry. There are not two better writers working today in college basketball, period. Gary is the absolute best in terms of explaining the absurdity of situations and the relationships within college hoops while also keeping a level head. But more than that, he’s also the best mentor you can ask for in terms of picking up his phone at all hours of the day if you need something or have a question about the way things work.

Then, Matt is just the top of the class in terms of feature writing. I’m not sure that anyone can set the scene of situations and empathize with subjects in the way that he can, and it’s an incredible gift that extends into his personal interactions. He’s the best co-worker you can have in terms of personality, affability, and kindness. I’m so very lucky to have spent two years with these two as colleagues, and hope to spend many more with them as friends. Chip Patterson also gets quick mention here for helping us out tremendously once his day job covering college football ends. The guy gets no breaks when covering college hoops and football, and still finds a way to be absolutely outstanding at his job.

There’s Matt Moore on the NBA side, too, who is as responsible for my career as anyone and who I will always owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to. If there’s one thing Matt will teach you about this industry, it’s that working hard is a requirement. Matt works incredibly hard, and it shows in the terrific work he puts out. The whole of the NBA writing team, including Zach Harper, Bill Reiter, Ken Berger, Ananth Pandian, and James Herbert, has made CBS a necessity for those who want to follow the NBA.

I also have to thank Tony Moss for hiring me. We didn’t get a chance to work together long, but man am I just incredibly grateful for him. He gave me a shot on a national platform when I was just a recent master’s degree grad from Carnegie Mellon without much in the way of full-on journalistic experience. He had faith in me, trusted me, and saw potential in me at a time when I was still a largely unknown quantity throughout this industry. I’ll always appreciate him for that.

Finally, I want to thank the people who read my work, both those who do it on a day-to-day basis and those who just stumble across it in internet searches. I can’t help but be humbled every time I look at how many people have read what I wrote or how many people have interacted with me on a given topic. The readers make everything worth it in the end, and I appreciate every last one of you for the time you’ve spent consuming my work.

I’ll still be around in the sports industry in some capacity. How? I’m not quite sure yet. I’ll keep you posted when I have more news on that, and simply say in the meantime that I’ve had discussions with a few different entities in varying capacities. Certainly I’ll continue podcasting, as well as talking about the NBA, college hoops, and high school basketball. The NBA Draft is still going to be a major part of the next place I work.

Beyond that? We’ll see. All I know is that I’m looking forward to my next challenge knowing I’ll be prepared for it due to the time I’ve spent over the last few years at CBS with a great company and even better friends.


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